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Author: admin Posted On: November 22nd, 2011 In:Web Design

So you’ve built a new business and everything you read confirms your hunch that you must have a web presence to “make it.” Because you neglected taking those computer science classes as an undergrad, you haven’t a clue about how to get that sweet company website up and thrust forth into the consciousness of a public hungry to adore you.


Enter your cousin Alex.  Though he may be far from a wunderkind, Alex has demonstrated his ability to make pretty passable websites for his friends and family. Best part is that he works fast and is super cheap. As you currently find yourself out of budget and already way behind schedule, Alex looks on paper to be your very best option.  And so, off you go, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.


It’s a common scenario, but one that we hope you avoid.  Whatever you may think you stand to gain from your cousin’s rock bottom pricing and high availability, chances are good you’ll actually be “losing” the very first time a potential customer comes to your site.


Great website design begins with thorough strategic planning and puts laser-focus on the conversion metrics you hope to achieve.  Way beyond just a digital calling card, your website needs to function as a powerful portal through which “conversations” can readily occur with your customers.  Has your cousin adequately taken the “5 Cs” into consideration?


  • Consistent – the look & feel of the entire site must faithfully represent your brand
  • Clean – strict adherence to web standards and optimized for your market niche
  • Confident – proper establishment of your company “voice” with clear calls to action
  • Continuous – CMS, link building, design updates…who is minding the store?
  • Creative – what you put in – from a content perspective – is THE most important part.