Comments Off on Your Restaurant Site Just Made Me Nauseous

Author: admin Posted On: November 22nd, 2011 In:Web Design

We like food. A lot. And it shouldn’t surprise you that we always check out the sites of the places we frequent. It’s just a habit. Don’t judge.


Now, we’re not really sure how it happened that apparently all the restaurants and bars in the world got together and formed a union specifying that their establishments could best be served by outrageous Flash-based websites that make trying to find a simple location or a menu an exercise in futility.


Seriously, people…what is WITH this niche? We believe it’s time to stop the “Flashy” madness.


1) Show me the passion – It’s no accident that people love shows about food and the charismatic personalities who create it.  If a website can effectively convey that passion, I am hooked. But mistaking “passion” for “motion” with your wacky Flash intro – accompanied by horrid accompanying sound file – is a huge mistake…and a missed opportunity.  Show me images…delight me with video…put the experience of dining with you in the forefront of my senses!


2) Where the heck are you?  I can’t fathom how restaurants and bars miss this all-important component.  Sometimes the location just isn’t there at all. Others, the hours aren’t listed. More often, these critical details are buried in some odd place or an obscure map plug-in leaves me weeping.  And speaking of being found, why doesn’t your restaurant show up in a Google search? Oy!


3) Waddya got – and what’s your specialty? This one’s easy – “Menu please.” Every third or fourth restaurant site I look at is missing this vital information.  Sure, I can look it up on Yelp…but why not entice me while I’m here…you know…on your website?