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Author: admin Posted On: November 26th, 2011 In:Tech

In this recent TEDx Talk, tech investor Roger McNamee breaks out six intriguing signs that have led him to believe that “a major new technology cycle is beginning.”


  1. Windows is Dying
  2. Index search has peaked (sorry, Google)
  3. Apps beat Web
  4. HTML5 changes it all
  5. Tablets win big
  6. Social platforms set

According to McNamee, we’re on the verge of a major “jump ball” that will see agile competitors moving in on the space enterprise software giants like Microsoft have controlled for so long.  Even Google will have to keep adapting as its bread and butter (indexed search) continues to level off.


Apple is touted for its ability to transform the marketplace for apps, and also for leading the way in tablet design – one of the major keys to creating the new ubiquitous future we’re all primed for.  The HTML5 framework will be the key to creating simple-yet-sophisticated sites with high-level embedded functionality, easily as functional, useful  and enjoyable on a mobile device as on the home desktop. Oh, and “Facebook is the new Microsoft.”


Bottom line: “Imagine a world in which everything is an app.”