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Author: admin Posted On: November 30th, 2011 In:Customers

So you’re a new business owner – congratulations!  You’ve thrust yourself into the unenviable position of being the new kid on the block amongst the competition, and some or all of those companies may have been doing for a long, long time what you’ve now popped on the scene to do.  Your desire is to do what you do better than all the rest, and in so doing, establish your identity in the marketplace.


So how do you accomplish the task of breaking through? Two important values to get radar-lock on that can truly differentiate you from the rest of the pack are “Quality” and “Service.” Especially if there are already two or more of you vying to gain a foothold in the local space, learning to be proactive in your approach to quality customer service and support will get you farther – faster – than just about any other strategy.

It’s a given in today’s business world that effectively managing your “digital footprint” has to be a primary consideration, not an afterthought.  Customers have come to expect that their needs can and should be served to their utmost satisfaction (and in realtime), and your failure to get on the right side of that expectation can lead to extensive damage.  Putting the right mix of CRM (customer relationship management) tools in place to manage your company’s reputation is now a prerequisite. Becoming adept at engaging customers in the “pre-engagement phase” where they are first becoming acquainted with you is vital. And, finding creative and consistent ways to “keep the conversation going” with your customers once they’ve found you is more important than ever before.


Below are Ten Tips to proactively engage your customers and effectively elevate your company buzz above the competition:


  1. AUTHENTICITY – Customers want to know that you are genuine, and that you care about them well beyond just earning the sale. Is that coming across?
  2. WHY SO SERIOUS? – Avoid coming across as too tightly wound. Have FUN with your customers, and use humor when you engage them in digital conversations.
  3. THINGS WILL BREAK – When they do, handle criticism with respect, patience and a spirit of exceeding expectations in the resolution.
  4. CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT – Personal and creative “touches” will get you remembered. How can you engage customers in ways your competitors have never tried?
  5. STAY ACTIVE – Don’t be insular – create as many “feedback loops” for your customers as you can consistently manage, then rely on what you can learn!
  6. REGULAR, NOT ROUTINE – Set regular “random” opportunities to reach out via email, survey, newsletter, contest, social media, mobile campaign, etc.
  7. EVERYONE LOVES SURPRISES – Surprise your customers once a month. Remind them that YOU are the leader in your niche (even if you’re not just yet).
  8. HELP WANTED – Reward the “detail-oriented” customers as they help you make your product better by finding mistakes, bugs or inconsistencies.
  9. BE STRETCHED – Realize that “creative” customers may find better ways of using your products & services than you’d imagined. Encourage them to share.
  10. ARMY OF ADVOCATES – Your customers are your greatest brand ambassadors. Do right by them, and there’s no stopping the wave of mutual goodwill.