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The Tablet is Changing Everything

Author: admin, Posted On: December 10th, 2011, In: Tech Web Design

Remember the cool interactive UI imagined in “Minority Report”?  Well, guess what?  It’s already here, and although it won’t become a household staple for many, many years yet, there’s no denying that it’s coming, and that we need to be prepared for it.   Cut to the present, and consider that while Apple’s iPad has clearly become the front-runner in the space, the growing popularity of the “tablet” is forcing designers to think very differently about how they architect for the web.  And it’s amazing how quickly everything is changing. Continue Reading

Six Ways to Save the Internet

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Author: admin, Posted On: November 26th, 2011, In: Tech

In this recent TEDx Talk, tech investor Roger McNamee breaks out six intriguing signs that have led him to believe that “a major new technology cycle is beginning.”


  1. Windows is Dying
  2. Index search has peaked (sorry, Google)
  3. Apps beat Web
  4. HTML5 changes it all
  5. Tablets win big
  6. Social platforms set

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